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A new death toll from Corona in France in one day

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The number of corona virus patients worldwide has exceeded the alarming limit of 10 million 14 thousand, with a record 355 deaths in a single day in France.
According to details Corona virus deaths and infected people could not be prevented in the world, more than 53 thousand people worldwide died due to the virus while the number of patients exceeded the alarming limit of 10 million 15 thousand. More than 1,500 people died in the day, after which the total number of deaths in France reached close to 5,500, while about sixty thousand were infected with the deadly virus.

In Italy, the situation worsened after authorities extended the lockdown implemented in the country, Spain is the largest country affected by coronavirus after Italy, where more than 10,000 people have died from Corona virus. While I have gone, the number of patients has increased by more than one lakh 12 thousand.

The number of Corona virus patients in Germany has increased beyond China. Govt receives army support in fight against Corona virus Curfew imposed on.

In Makkah and Medina Manora, a full curfew has been imposed. Thailand has also been completely shut down due to the Corona virus, while the Russian government has granted work leave to civilians by the end of April. More from Corona in Iran The virus has been confirmed in the Iranian parliament’s Speaker Ali Larijani, more than 100 deaths. The number of victims has risen to over 50,000.

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