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Kotli: Prime Minister Imran Khan is aware of the plight of Kashmiris and will continue to raise his voice on every platform till the independence of Kashmir.

Addressing a public gathering on Kashmir Solidarity Day in Kotli, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that according to UN resolutions, the people of Kashmir were to be given rights as per their wishes but this promise has not been fulfilled yet. Could be

He said that today I would like to remind the United Nations and the world once again of that resolution and promise. I had raised the issue of Kashmir in the UN General Assembly and reminded that the promise made to Kashmiris has not been fulfilled till date.

He said that Kashmiris should be given the right to decide for themselves whether they will stay with Pakistan or independent Pakistan stands with the people of occupied Kashmir while the Muslim world also stands with Kashmiris but the governments of Muslim countries for some reason Not supporting the cause.

They are young justice seekers even if they are not Muslims. They are with Kashmiris. Justice non-Muslims also call on the United Nations to give Kashmiris their rights. Imran Khan said that we all know what happens to Kashmiri people. What kind of oppression are they enduring?

PM Imran Khan said that no matter what the forum is, he will continue to raise his voice for Kashmiris everywhere. He also raised the issue of Kashmir three times in front of former US President Trump. Until Kashmir becomes independent, we will raise our voice for Kashmiris. If the government comes, make every effort to promote a friendly atmosphere with India. Explain to India that Kashmir will not be solved by oppression.

He said that history shows that no powerful army can win against the population. If the nation stands up, the biggest army fails, so the United States, despite being a superpower, could not win the war in Vietnam. Three million people sacrificed there. We also have the example of Afghanistan and Algeria named after their victory.

Imran Khan said that India could not suppress Kashmiris even if it brought more than 900,000 troops because every child born in Kashmir is born with the spirit of freedom in its heart. Pro-Kashmir Indian politicians are also talking about freedom today. Imran Khan offered the Indian government that if it withdraws Article 360, which came into force on August 5, the Kashmir issue could be discussed.

On the long march of the opposition, the Prime Minister said that we will make arrangements for them to come out but I will not give them NRO under any circumstances.


Significant events in the life of Saira Amin, a female fighter pilot squadron leader of the Pakistan Air Force.

Saira Amin

Saira Amin won the Sword of Honor during the Passing Out Parade on September 22, 2006 in Risalpur.
Saira Amin said that the brothers applied to the Air Force but could not be selected for the ISSB. When Saira submitted the form, she was successful and Saira’s family was very happy.

Saira said on this happy occasion that the first day of the academy is a surprise day and that was my surprise day.
When we arrived on April 1, the officers immediately ordered us to pick up our bags and go to our rooms, and to return in five minutes, all dressed in white.
It was the first day of the race and then, as usual, a new order every day to get together in five minutes of formal dressing.
This five minute target taught me to value time. I couldn’t believe that I could get dressed in five minutes and get into the hall. We had 50 cadets in our badge, six of whom were women. We stayed together as long as the theory worked, because that’s what the mail cadet thought.
That they will drop at some stage. This was the time when women fighter pilots were not yet accepted by the society. Because of this attitude, we women felt more responsibility on our shoulders. The experience of learning flying. It is very tough
Sitting in the cockpit, it felt like they had reached the world of dreams.
Apart from Super Msuhak and T-37 Jets, I can also successfully fly other fighter pilots. Solo flights after 13 missions. said Saira.
Be the first female pilot in the history of Pakistan Air Force
Let me also mention here that I was progressing with very good marks in theory and practical. I got engaged at the right time and then my performance at the K-8 stage deteriorated. Immediately my father said That son, pay attention to professional life, then I did not make any mistake.
Saira Amin said that she is ready to sacrifice everything for Pakistan. Praise be to God, there is no shortage of such sentiments
May Allah keep such emotions safe. Amen.