Why is the blood removed from hijama returned?

The health of the human body depends on the blood in it. If there is any kind of disorder in this blood, then it will be a natural thing that the health will deteriorate as a result, so the process of removing this irregular blood from the body is called Hijama.

Benefits of Hijama
Hijama is an Arabic word which means to draw. In this method of treatment practiced for centuries, there are about 143 places of the body from which irregular blood can be extracted and as a result of this, headaches, abscesses, allergies, and even heart diseases can occur.

In Hijama, the blood is collected at a selected place with the help of a special cup, and after that, by making a cut, the collected irregular blood is removed so that healthy blood can be made in its place.
But has anyone ever thought that what can be used for the irregular blood that is removed from the patient’s body.

What do barbers do with this blood?
Hijama practitioners usually ask the patient if they can take the drawn blood with them if they want to take it with them – at which point the hijama practitioners say that they do not allow patients to take it with them for a few reasons. They insist on handing over their blood.

1 Blood is a part of the human body and it is forbidden by the elders to pour it into the sewer etc. and they say that a person should bury such a part of himself in the ground instead of pouring it into the sewer. It is better for this reason that the Hijama give the blood to the patient so that he can destroy it at his own will.

2 There are also evidences of witchcraft on human blood, hence Hijama practitioners give the extracted blood to the patient before he gets into any such problem-

3 The blood of an infected patient is also the cause of spreading many diseases, for example, AIDS and many other diseases are spread through blood, so it is necessary to protect this blood from another person – this is the reason. It is necessary to dispose of the extracted blood in a correct manner.

In the light of this information, if you intend to undergo Hijama, take precautions with blood and take steps to ensure that the blood drawn is disposed of safely and does not cause any harm to another person or yourself. Don’t be the cause.

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