Model Kiran Ashfaq says that her life has become very calm after divorce.

former wife of actor Imran Ashraf, for the first time after the divorce, while answering the questions of the fans, advised the questioners that the reason for the divorce should Found not be out from her, but from her ex-husband.

Confirmed divorce Kiran Ashfaq imran their in October 2022 without giving reasons.

Both got married in 2018 and had a son Rohan in 2020.

Considered they where romantic couples and their fans were shocked when they got divorced.

Imran ashraf Divorce after returned to his normal life, his ex-wife Kiran Ashfaq also started her activities.

Recently Karan Ashfaq while answering the questions of fans on Instagram, spoke openly about divorce and life after it for the first time.

Response in to a question he said that his life has become very calm after the divorce.

A fan asked him what was the reason for their divorce he considered them an ideal couple to which Kiran Ashfaq replied that all that glitters is not gold.

Kiran Ashfaq replied that Imran Ashraf would have only 10 to 12 photos of him on his Instagram, while his entire account was full of photos, due to which he had to delete them.

Imran Ashraf a fan asked always used to say in TV interviews that Kiran Ashfaq has proved to be beneficial for him, he became famous only after marrying her.

On this Kiran Ashfaq said that then why do people taunt her that she married a famous person and only saw fame.

A fan asked him that Imran Ashraf is so good why he divorced him, Kiran Ashfaq said that he should ask Imran Ashraf why he divorced Kiran Ashfaq.

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