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US president has ordered 27 Russian diplomats to leave the country.


Jan 28, 2022 ,

US President Joe Biden has ordered 27 Russian diplomats to leave the country amid ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine.
Indian media reports in addition to the order issued by Washington Biden’s administration has also rejected Russia’s demand that Ukraine not join NATO. Has also given.

Biden has said that if Russia invades Ukraine it will shut down Russia’s Rs 85,000 crore Nerd Stream 2 gas pipeline. Russia plans to supply natural gas to Europe through the pipeline. Germany, which has faced speculation of secession from NATO, has also sided with the United States.

Russia and Ukraine have long been at loggerheads. Ukraine seceded from the Soviet Union on August 24, 1991. After secession from the Soviet Union, Ukraine had the support of Western nations. NATO was established in 1949 with the aim of In 2014, the government in Ukraine was largely pro-Russian.

That is why Ukraine decided not to join NATO. However the movement to rejoin NATO intensified. Ukraine consists of two parts, western Ukraine and eastern Ukraine. Eastern Ukraine has a large number of Russian supporters.


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