• Wed. Mar 29th, 2023


See What Happening in pakistan politics

Russia China joins eastern The first bridge connecting the two countries has been inaugurated.


Jun 12, 2022 ,

Masco and northern China have built a one-kilometer-long bridge over the Amur River.

Reight eight trucks loaded with car tires and electrical parts arrived in Russia via the bridge.

Construction of the bridge was completed two years ago but could not be inaugurated due to the Corona epidemic.

One kilometer cost long bridge is about 19 billion rupees (19 billion Pakistani rupees).

Officials Russia say the bridge will bring Moscow and Beijing closer together by boosting trade.

In today’s divided world, the bridge has a special symbolic meaning, said Buri Trotnev, a representative of Russia and China.

The Vice Premier Hu Jintao said at the inauguration that China wants to enhance practical cooperation with Russia in all fields.


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