Turkish President Erdo ۔an will visit Pakistan on February 13 and 14

Islamabad: Turkish President Erdo ۔an will visit Pakistan on February 13 and 14, during the visit, the Turkish President will hold meetings with Pakistani political and military leadership while Prime Minister Imran Khan and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo ۔an will jointly preside over the meeting.

According to details, the preliminary schedule of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo ۔an’s visit to Pakistan was prepared, according to which the Turkish President is likely to visit Pakistan on February 13 and 14, he will arrive in Islamabad along with a high level delegation including businessmen.

Sources say that the Turkish President will hold meetings with the Pakistani political leadership while organizing banquets in honor of the President, Prime Minister, Turkish President and guests.

According to sources, a meeting of the Pak-Turkish High Level Strategic Cooperation Council will be held, Prime Minister Imran Khan and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo ۔an will jointly preside over the meeting, signing several agreements, Memorandum of Cooperation and several projects.

Sources said that during the visit of the Turkish President, strategic economic framework, agreements are likely to be made under mutual cooperation while cooperation in investment, trade, defense production, banking, finance will be enhanced.

Considering that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo دورan’s visit to Pakistan was suspended three times earlier, the Prime Minister invited the Turkish President to visit Pakistan in January 2019.

To be clear, the Turkish president has strongly endorsed Pakistan’s position on Kashmir issue. In addition, Pakistan also announced a joint English channel with Turkey and Malaysia to fight Islamophobia in the United Nations.


What Should We Eat When Tired

All day long engagements and fatigue are clear from your face. Your tired eyes and the dark circles around it also reflect fatigue. These problems can also be solved by taking calm sleep. If you do not have time to rest you can use these foods to get rid of these problems

Green tea

Daily use of green tea can enhance your youth and beauty. The polyphenol particles contained in the Green Tea rejuvenate your skin cells. Which increases the brightness of your skin and the wrinkles begin to subside.

Use of salmon fish

Salmon is found in large quantities in healthy nutrients. Which reduces skin irritation and improves its condition. Promotes hydrated skin by smoothing out the skin. Nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and magnesium improve blood flow to the skin, keeping the skin healthy and radiant.

Drink more water

Our skin is hydrated all the time, excessive use of plain water will make your skin healthy. When you are hydrated, your skin looks younger and fresher. And this should be known to everyone.

Walnuts and almonds

Almonds contain vitamin E. About 30 grams of this vitamin E meets seventy percent of the requirement in 24 hours. Walnuts are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E Daily making walnuts part of their diet has positive effects on the skin.

Spinach tomatoes

Vegetables rich in vitamins A and C are spinach and tomatoes. Daily use of spinach and tomatoes eliminates your wrinkles. Spinach and tomato also eliminate the filth in the body from air pollution.
Avoid the use of spinach and tomatoes in patients with epilepsy.


Eggs are rich in nutrients and energy. Vitamin D and protein rich in calcium are found in eggs. A boiled egg has the same strength as two loaves. Every morning at breakfast, a boiled egg provides us with energy throughout the day, so that fatigue does not overwhelm a weak human being.

Milk and honey

There is healing in milk and honey, as well as health and beauty. Honey is a cure for all diseases. Put a teaspoon of pure honey in a glass of warm milk before going to bed at night. You get tired all day and get lots of energy. Daily use of honey and milk will keep you healthy healthy energy and young.


In China, kronavirus pawns, the death toll rises to 106

BEIJING: More than 24 people lost their lives to the Corona virus in China, after which the total number of virus deaths in China has risen to 106, with more than 4,000 people affected.
According to the details, out of 106 deaths from this new virus in China, 100 occurred in Hubei, while the province has 2,714 victims. After that, the total number of people infected with the deadly virus in China has increased to more than 4,000. Is.
According to Chinese President Shi Chen Ping, the spread of the deadly virus is accelerating and the country is undergoing a “critical phase”. Travel restrictions are under way in several affected states of China. Authorities have also confirmed that the virus is transmitted from one person to another. The epicenter of the outbreak is in the Chinese city of Wuhan, with a population of about 8.9 million. Chinese residents of Wuhan are prohibited from leaving the city. The bus, subway, ferry services, trains and trains have also been canceled. Railway stations in 2 cities of Hubei province of China have been canceled, year-long celebrations canceled. All theaters in Shanghai were closed in the wake of the outbreak of the virus. 7 Chinese movies could not be released on New Year’s, the screening postponed. The Pakistani community was also warned by the embassy in Wuhan. British researchers, on the other hand, have warned that China will not be able to control the virus.

According to the Chinese Health Department, every possible steps are being taken to prevent the spread of the virus. The outbreak began when millions of people from all over China traveled abroad to celebrate the New Year’s holiday, while thousands traveled abroad with their friends and family.

Worldwide situation:

Eleven countries have been affected by the deadly Corona virus so far. Corona virus has been reported in eight in Thailand, while in the US, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, 5, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan 4, France 3 and Nepal, Sri Lanka, Canada, Cambodia, Germany.

High alert issued in Pakistan

The National Institutes of Health has issued a directive for China to transfer the virus to Pakistan. According to which medical examination of travelers coming from China to Pakistan will be compulsory. In this connection special screening desks will be set up at all airports in the country.
Yesterday, Prime Minister Imran Khan directed to hold an inter-ministerial meeting as soon as possible to take precautionary measures regarding the Corona virus and to devise a comprehensive strategy to deal with the threat. Releasing a video message said that the Chinese and Pakistani government are in contact in this regard and that 500 Pakistani nationals in Wuhan city of Hubei province are safe and are being looked after

In a statement issued by the Foreign Office, the statement quoted the Pakistanis based in China as saying that Pakistan is monitoring the situation in the Wuhan coronavirus, the embassy and consulate are in contact with the Pakistani community and Chinese authorities. More than 500 students in Wuhan And community members remain, yet no Pakistani has been confirmed to be infected with the Corona virus. The Pakistani community has been instructed to fully implement the Health Protocol issued by Chinese authorities.

What is Corona Virus?

The Corona virus has been named n COV-2019, a virus that spreads to affected animals in the seafood and wild animals market. This market has been involved in the illegal trade of wild animals. The deadly outbreak is being called the new form of the corona virus because it has not been identified in humans before.

Symptoms of Corona Virus

The virus can cause many symptoms including cough, sore throat, runny nose and fever. While mild symptoms include common cold, in the case of pneumonia, it can take serious form. The virus is usually transmitted to the other person through direct contact with the affected person. Experts say that it takes about 14 days for the symptoms to appear, so only minor symptoms should be referred to a doctor.

According to the World Health Organization, if a person has symptoms of respiratory distress, cough, sneezing, cold, etc., avoid close contact with it. Scientists believe that the virus has transmitted from animals to humans. Experts advise that the meat and eggs should be well cooked. Also, people have been instructed to abstain from animal markets and raw meat.. Be aware that the vaccine for the Corona virus is not yet available in New York, so the only solution to preventing the virus is timely precautions.


High-level review meeting on progress on C-PAC projects chaired by the Prime Minister

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan says that China has helped Pakistan in difficult times, SeaPak project is a manifestation of multilateral Pak-China relations, social and economic development projects should be completed on proper basis. A high-level review meeting on progress on China-Pakistan economic transit projects was chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan. On this occasion, … Read more

Supreme Court Shaikh Rasheed in two week i called for a railway business plan

The Supreme Court ordered the approval of ML One on a priority basis

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court has ordered the approval of ML One on priority basis and asked Sheikh Rasheed Railway Business Plan, saying that if the plan is not followed then there will be contempt of court action.

According to the details of the railway deficit case was heard in the Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed; Minister of Railways Sheikh Rasheed appeared in the court. During the hearing, the chief justice inquired why tender for ML One has not been released so far. Not listening to the railway will listen to Tox.

Sheikh Rasheed said ML One tender should be directed to the Ministry of Planning, ML One is a 1800-kilometer railway track, there will be revolution in railway, ML One has submitted PC One, Ministry of Railways has just tendered Have to issue

The court said that the Sindh government should cooperate with the Karachi Circle for the elimination of the encroachments and the MLN should be approved on a priority basis.

Lawyer Railway said that the Railway Minister is present in the court on the order of the court, on which the Chief Justice said that the Minister should tell what is the progress. All your raw material is in front of us. I think the railway should be closed. We do not need such a train as it is being run.

Chief Justice inquired about 70 people burnt out what action was taken, to which Sheikh Rasheed said that 19 people were taken to action in connection with the blaze. The Chief Justice said that gate keepers and drives were removed.

Sheikh Rasheed said that action will also be taken against the elders, on which Chief Justice Pakistan said that you are the greatest, why should not you be taken account of the death of 70 people, you should resign after the train burn. Should have given

The court said that no more time will be given for the restoration of the circular railway track, which will be the responsibility of the rehabilitation of the displaced persons from the circular railway.

The Supreme Court asked Sheikh Rashid to submit a comprehensive railway business plan in 2 weeks.

The Supreme Court issued notices to the Ministry of Planning and summoned the next hearing pro-planning and planning commission officials and adjourned the hearing till February 12.

Earlier, while talking to the media outside the Supreme Court, he had said that the audit report of the government was in the past. I will present my petition before the court.

In a railway deficit case yesterday, Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar expressed his disappointment over the facts contained in the audit report, saying that there was no corruption, nothing wrong with the railway.

Read more: Railway deficit case: Supreme Court summons Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed tomorrow
The Chief Justice said that the economy is falling and building, the Audit Report has made it clear that the railway system is not working.

Later in the ARY program Eleventh Hour, Sheikh Rasheed said that there is no corruption in our railway, it will be in the first phase, tomorrow I will go to the Supreme Court.

Federal Minister said that Railway is not being ruled by politics, it is not falling, tomorrow the Supreme Court will provide clarification on Railway, Railways did not import one rupee. Where did corruption happen, Railway’s 40 billion deficit of 32 billion. Have brought in Rs and will end the railway deficit in 5 years.


Get out for yourself for just 2 hours!

Fifteen years ago, an old Turk and his wife were shown on American TV, the old Turkic resident lived in a small town in Turkey, his wife and children lived together, his 124 years old and his wife 120 years old.

The TV anchor asked what caused you to be so long, the old man told us we have eaten nothing but milk, yogurt, cheese all our life and our children are more than 90 years old.

I asked the listeners what percentage of the people were willing to spend on this diet, so none of the millions of listeners filled in on this diet and said, what is the benefit of a long life that is limited to dairy farms? Only 50 to sixty live but die after eating, this is better than ever.

A 111-year-old Birthday celebrated on New York on a TV show recently, he walked by his friends whom he had invited to his home.

He cut the cake, friends clapped, asked him the secret of his longevity, so he told him that his whole life was just daily using vegetables, fruits, honey, chocolate, garlic, cinnamon and olive oil. Has been using and has breakfast by walking a mile in the morning.

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He then makes new and good friends to live happier and has a happier life, though he does not say whether or not he uses any drugs.

Readers traveled to Singapore 40 years ago today, there was a TV campaign against cigarettes and chewing gum these days, they were aware of the pitfalls of smoking cigarettes and were aware of lung cancer from different angles after each advertisement. Used to teach people in a very effective way and was aware of easy ways to quit smoking.

Incidentally in those days, I smoked cigarettes, and this week I was repeatedly affected by this anti-smoking campaign, and I quit smoking, but some days it was a problem but then gradually this bad habit started to disappear.

The benefit of this was that in the first game, the breathing was quick and the walk felt exhausting, it was exhausted, then I read various books, especially by studying how to live a healthy life. I tell them about my readers.

One of the most important morning walks is, you wonder how many hours you have ever devoted to yourself in 24 hours, often never. Let’s think today and just 2 hours will make your life healthier.

Get up early in the morning and walk to the nearest park for a walk. If you do not want to go to the park, just walk in your house. Then make a syrup and place it in the refrigerator of the house, mix one cup of ginger juice, one cup garlic juice, one cup of apple vinegar and one cup of honey. Mix four tablespoons of salted mouth daily. Use.

It will be enough for one month to 2 months, but you have to carry it all your life, it will not clog the blood in your heart arteries, maximize breakfast, salad, dates, figs, nuts, 2 Take boiled eggs, milk, coffee or green tea.

Depending on the season, use each fruit such as banana, peach, apple, pear, malta, canoe, lemon and mango, etc. Mango contains a large amount of iron, perfect for anemia and for pregnant women.

Mango is not only harmful but also beneficial for diabetic patients, it is very useful and beneficial to use vegetables and fruits depending on the weather. Lunch like yogurt, soups, salads and green vegetables such as flower cabbage, closed cabbage, leafy turnips, spinach, beans, green leafy radishes, greens, broth, various pulses, sea foods, chapatis and endings I’ll eat fruit again.

Use minimal rice, eat light foods in the stomach, but save an hour before eating, then take a walk or exercise, play whatever you like, in any case. Readers When I went to Singapore, my weight was 85kg, 5 feet 10 inches high.

Today, I weigh 72kg, I have continued all this in 40 years to the ban. Praise be to Allaah. No 90% of my old friends suffer from some kind of illness and have been under the influence of medicine. Can’t take 2 hours for yourself.

Even though many cannot sleep without sleeping pills, many suffer from heart and kidney diseases, if you were to start today, one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening and the diet chart above. Follow up, as well as stay away from fast food, pizza and cold drinks, etc. However, use homemade juice every season. (I have kept myself away from all these things to date) then you will start to feel the difference in life and gradually the need for medicines will start to decrease and you will move on to a healthier life. shall be.



The UK has declared Pakistan’s tourist destinations safe

British Travel Advisory makes Pakistan’s tourist destination safe

Islamabad: Britain has changed travel advisory for Pakistan, according to which the security situation in Paustan has improved. Travel to the northern areas of Pakistan has been declared safe for British citizens.
According to the details, there has been good news in the tourism sector for Pakistan after the cricket field. Britain has changed the travel advisory for Pakistan, which said that the security situation in Pakistan has improved. Special Adviser Zulfi Bukhari, Assistant Special Assistant to Britain on changing Travel Advisory, said that for the first time since 2015, Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the travel advisory of the British Special Assistant Zulfi Bukhari has been changed. Pakistan has become a peaceful country under the leadership of Pakistan for tourism and investment The safest country. In this regard, British High Commissioner Kirsten Turner has released a video message on social networking site Twitter.


China announces 1,000 beds to be hospitalized in six days to cope with coronavirus

Coronavirus death toll rises to 26 in China
According to details, China has taken the initiative to fight the Corona virus. In this regard, it has been announced by the Chinese authorities that 1 thousand beds hospital will be set up in 6 days. The possible cure for coronavirus. The hospital will be built by February 3. The deadly transmitted virus from humans to humans has taken the lives of dozens of people. Authorities lock down 2 cities Wuhan and Huang Gang to stop the disease. Both cities have public transport, train and boat service suspended while flights are closed, but authorities have banned residents from departing the city.
In addition, those China new lunar years were canceled almost immediately. The World Health Organization has organized an emergency meeting to prevent the Corona virus. It was decided at the meeting that the current emergency will not be implemented due to this virus.
Remember that the deadly Corona virus transmitted from Wuhan, China, is transmitted by direct contact with anyone affected. The outbreak began when millions of people from all over China traveled home and abroad to celebrate the New Year’s holiday with their friends and family.
The deadly outbreak has spread from Wuhan to several provinces in China, including Thailand, the United States and South Korea. The first case reported in the US state of Washington is the Corona virus, in which a 30-year-old man is placed in the health care ward. According to the Chinese Department of Health, every possible steps are being taken to prevent the spread of the virus.


Exit Kashmiris for solidarity with Kashmir on February 5: PM

Exit Kashmiris for solidarity with Kashmir on February 5: PM
Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan says that out of the 8 million Kashmiris detained in Kashmir on February 5, leave their homes for solidarity, the racist Modi government has been oppressing Kashmiris for six months.
Prime Minister Imran Khan has appealed to the nation for solidarity with non-oppressed Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir, he said in his Twitter message that 80 million imprisoned Kashmiris should leave for solidarity, expressing with Kashmiris February 5. Get out of the house for solidarity. 90 thousand soldiers of the racist Modi government have been oppressing Kashmiris for 6 months.

I want Pakistanis to come home and abroad on 5th Feb in support of the 8 million Kashmiris who have been besieged by 900k Indian soldiers for almost 6 months by the fascist racist Modi regime

It is pertinent to mention that the routine life is paralyzed even on the 173th day due to the inhuman lockdown and communication blockade imposed by India in Kashmir. Roads are denser, shops, businesses, educational centers are closed in the valley and people are left homeless. The occupied Indian army has made the lives of Kashmiris indigent and more than one million people are imprisoned in the world’s largest prison. The so-called search operation and roundabout continues in the valley.
There is also food shortage in the Valley, India has warmed the oppression of oppressed Kashmiris and locked the political leadership of the Valley, including thousands of Kashmiris, in jail. Mobile phone, internet service in the Valley closed And TV broadcasts are still suspended.
It is to be remembered that on August 5, the Modi government abolished Article 370A of the Indian Constitution giving special status to Kashmir and imposed a curfew in the occupied valley and India banned the movement of Kashmiris.