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Islamabad The Prime Minister has to impose a burden on the people due to the conditions of the IMF.


Jan 14, 2022 ,

PM launches first public version of National Security Policy The Prime Minister in his keynote address highlighted the successful initiative of his government in formulating National Security Policy. He said that National Security Policy was his government’s top priority.

Congratulating the National Security Adviser and his team on achieving this goal, they highlighted the importance of successful implementation of the policy and announced that the National Security Committee would regularly review progress on it.

The focus of the National Security Policy 2022-2026 is the vision of the government which believes that national security depends on the security of its citizens. Rights and social justice must be guaranteed.

He said that in order to utilize the vast potential of our citizens, it was necessary to promote good governance based on services.

Our Armed Forces are our pride. They will be of great importance and support to us in the face of growing threats to the region and the challenges of hybrid war. The foreign policy will focus more on the ongoing economic foreign policy.

People have to bear the burden of complying with the IMF’s terms. The IMF gives the cheapest loans. Welfare her state takes responsibility for its weaker sections. Our first priority is to protect the weaker sections through health cards. We have provided protection to every family in the provinces where our government is providing health insurance.

Issued Health cards are being in all the provinces except Sindh.

National Security Adviser Dr. Moeed Yousuf elaborated on the vision of the National Security Policy. He said that the National Security Policy has been formulated in the broader context of traditional and non-traditional issues affecting our security. Economic security is at the heart of the geostrategic and geopolitical aspects in which the stability of Pakistan’s security and its place in the world are prominent features.

He said the document had been finalized after a full civil-military consensus.

The event was attended by all Federal Ministers National Security Advisors, Members of Parliament Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, All Services Chiefs Senior Civil and Military Officials, Experts, Think Tanks, Media and people from civil society.


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