ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that he would like to thank the Chinese President for his message on Environment Day.

Pakistan Environment day

In a message on the social networking site Twitter, Imran Khan wrote that the Chinese president appreciated the offer of cooperation for the ecosystem by taking commendable steps to tackle climate change.

The other hand, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, while praising Prime Minister Imran Khan on the occasion of World Environment Day, said that he saluted Imran Khan on tree planting projects in Pakistan.

Boris Johnson said that Imran Khan had vowed to plant 10 billion trees in Pakistan. This is a huge campaign to protect the sea and forests.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that Imran Khan’s efforts against environmental pollution are commendable and Britain will also plant trees to improve the environment.

It may be recalled that while addressing the main function of World Environment Day hosted by Pakistan in Islamabad yesterday, Prime Minister Imran Khan asked the developed countries to work with developing countries like Pakistan to deal with global warming and improve the ecosystem. Provide funds.

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