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ISLAMABAD: PM Imran khan Announcement to start construction of Diamerbhasha Dam thwarted all plans of the enemy


May 18, 2020

According to the details, work on Diamer Bhasha Dam has started after four decades. All the propaganda of the enemy against Diamer Bhasha Dam has failed. Sixteen thousand five hundred people will get employment from the dam and four thousand five hundred megawatts of electricity will be obtained.

With the construction of Diamer-Bhasha Dam, more than 1.2 million acres of land will be cultivated, making it possible to cultivate most of the land in Sindh. The construction of Bhasha Dam will extend the term of Tarbela Dam by 35 years.

Besides, many cities of the country will be saved from floods. China has also rejected Indian objections regarding the construction of Diamer-Bhasha Dam.

It may be recalled that last week WAPDA awarded the contract for the construction of Diya Mar Bhasha Dam project.
Diamer Bhasha Dam Contract Award Ceremony Held In Islamabad

At the ceremony, WAPDA awarded a joint venture comprising Contract Power China and FWO for the construction of Diamer-Bhasha Dam project. The contract is worth Rs.

 Contract award for construction of Diamer-Bhasha Dam project marks the beginning of a new chapter in Pak-China friendly relations.

Addressing the function in this regard, Federal Minister Faisal Wawda said that today is a big day in the history of the country.


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