Islamabad, no obstacle can stop us. In any case, we will reach Islamabad D-Chowk.

When the PTI’s long march reached Swabi, Imran Khan, addressing the container, said that this gang of thieves, including US servants and the most corrupt people in Pakistan, had planted containers all over Pakistan out of fear of the people.

He said that our people were caught climbing the walls and women were harassed. Whatever they do, we will cross the barriers and reach Islamabad D-Chowk.

“While they were marching, we did not stop anyone. In our time, Diesel Bilawal and Maryam marched but we did not put any obstacles,” he said.

Our protest will be peaceful. We have always protested peacefully. It is our right. We are uniting this country and making it a nation that will not enslave anyone who does not accept the American imported government.

He says children, adults, young men and women all have to leave their homes to liberate this country.

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