• Sat. Mar 25th, 2023


See What Happening in pakistan politics

Islamabad Home Minister has no solution other than elections to take the country forward.


Apr 2, 2022 ,

IM Sheikh Rashid has said that 24 hours are important for politics. The situation is critical. Every after hour the situation in the country may change. Here is no solution other than elections to take the country forward.

He said that all the members of PTI should resign from the assembly seats. Dissident members will not be able to show their face in their constituencies. When does the President direct the Prime Minister to continue his work?

He said that thieves and robbers, father and son are candidates for the post of PM and Chief Minister. Asif Ali Zardari is still receiving extortion and the institutions know that we have made mistakes and we also have weaknesses but people do not want to see them. What will the deviant members of the nation mean Family system is a salt mine for the country.

He said that he was due to retire from politics on Monday but now he has to do more. Do

Will the country be run by Maqsood Chapdasi and Delhi Bhalla Wale? I declare war against the conscientious objector parties.


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