Islamabad Foreign Funding Case has been cleared by the Scrutiny Committee.

The meeting of spokespersons chaired by the Prime Minister has ended. Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that all the receipts have been provided to the Election Commission in the foreign funding case and we have been cleared by the scrutiny committee.

The rest of the political parties will also give their funding receipts. Out of 31 crore funding, 150 crore will be cleared twice in the next hearing.

Reply to PML-N’s Arif Naqvi regarding funding. Shahbaz Sharif is not ashamed to spend so many TTs. Shahbaz Sharif, tell us about your TTs.

The meeting expressed regret over the Murree tragedy. Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the government was working hard on tourism and a committee has been formed to investigate the Murree tragedy.

The administration, police and other agencies have worked together to ensure safe evacuation of tourists. The government is the first to take steps to make tourism safer.

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