Islamabad 11Corona virus Patients Worrisome

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According to details, Zafar Mirza, Assistant Special Health Officer in the federal capital Islamabad, told the media during a briefing that all steps were being taken at the government level to tackle Corona.

He said that doctors, para-medical staff are being provided safety equipment, and those who are fighting Corona are being provided with safety equipment on an emergency basis.

Dr Zafar Mirza said that there are more than 6 lakh 64,000 confirmed cases in the world, around one million have recovered worldwide and more than 31,000 have died.

Assistant Special Health said that 1106 suspected patients were registered in Pakistan in 24 hours; the number of confirmed cases of corona virus in Pakistan is 1526, in Pakistan, 121 new cases were increased in 24 hours.

He said that 857 people with 1526 positive cases in Pakistan came from Iran, 191 patients who came to Pakistan from countries other than Iran, there were 420 patients who were infected with local transmission virus.

Dr. Zafar Mirza said that 11 patients with coronavirus were in worrisome condition; some of the 11 affected patients were on ventilators.

Assistant Special Health said that the estimated number of cases in Pakistan is low, if precautions are not taken, cases can increase in Pakistan, people do not need to leave the house unnecessarily. Keep the distance.