Imran Khan Now will come to Islamabad completely prepared.

Speaking at a press conference in Peshawar, Chairman PTI Imran Khan said that he’d immolate his life but would not accept these stealers. I’ll not accept them.

Imran Khan said that the government was given 6 days time, now they will come set. These people have made suits against all of us. This is the job of these stealers. This is the job of this cabal. Go to your own circles and prepare.

Ex PM said that those who set fire to the trees weren’t our people. Property was being set on fire by the police and their people I had indeed called the families in kick Were coming for.

Imran khan said that CCPO Lahore and DG Operations have to go to court. A case has to be registered against DIG Operations. They will also file a solicitation against DIG Operations. Will file cases against them and put their faces on social media.

Imran Khan said that we’re lamb and scapegoats who’ll accept the slaves of America. This is the test of republic of Pakistan. The way of peaceful kick is being blocked in Pakistan. He abused women and attorneys and seized and killed them.