Get out for yourself for just 2 hours!

Fifteen years ago, an old Turk and his wife were shown on American TV, the old Turkic resident lived in a small town in Turkey, his wife and children lived together, his 124 years old and his wife 120 years old.

The TV anchor asked what caused you to be so long, the old man told us we have eaten nothing but milk, yogurt, cheese all our life and our children are more than 90 years old.

I asked the listeners what percentage of the people were willing to spend on this diet, so none of the millions of listeners filled in on this diet and said, what is the benefit of a long life that is limited to dairy farms? Only 50 to sixty live but die after eating, this is better than ever.

A 111-year-old Birthday celebrated on New York on a TV show recently, he walked by his friends whom he had invited to his home.

He cut the cake, friends clapped, asked him the secret of his longevity, so he told him that his whole life was just daily using vegetables, fruits, honey, chocolate, garlic, cinnamon and olive oil. Has been using and has breakfast by walking a mile in the morning.

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He then makes new and good friends to live happier and has a happier life, though he does not say whether or not he uses any drugs.

Readers traveled to Singapore 40 years ago today, there was a TV campaign against cigarettes and chewing gum these days, they were aware of the pitfalls of smoking cigarettes and were aware of lung cancer from different angles after each advertisement. Used to teach people in a very effective way and was aware of easy ways to quit smoking.

Incidentally in those days, I smoked cigarettes, and this week I was repeatedly affected by this anti-smoking campaign, and I quit smoking, but some days it was a problem but then gradually this bad habit started to disappear.

The benefit of this was that in the first game, the breathing was quick and the walk felt exhausting, it was exhausted, then I read various books, especially by studying how to live a healthy life. I tell them about my readers.

One of the most important morning walks is, you wonder how many hours you have ever devoted to yourself in 24 hours, often never. Let’s think today and just 2 hours will make your life healthier.

Get up early in the morning and walk to the nearest park for a walk. If you do not want to go to the park, just walk in your house. Then make a syrup and place it in the refrigerator of the house, mix one cup of ginger juice, one cup garlic juice, one cup of apple vinegar and one cup of honey. Mix four tablespoons of salted mouth daily. Use.

It will be enough for one month to 2 months, but you have to carry it all your life, it will not clog the blood in your heart arteries, maximize breakfast, salad, dates, figs, nuts, 2 Take boiled eggs, milk, coffee or green tea.

Depending on the season, use each fruit such as banana, peach, apple, pear, malta, canoe, lemon and mango, etc. Mango contains a large amount of iron, perfect for anemia and for pregnant women.

Mango is not only harmful but also beneficial for diabetic patients, it is very useful and beneficial to use vegetables and fruits depending on the weather. Lunch like yogurt, soups, salads and green vegetables such as flower cabbage, closed cabbage, leafy turnips, spinach, beans, green leafy radishes, greens, broth, various pulses, sea foods, chapatis and endings I’ll eat fruit again.

Use minimal rice, eat light foods in the stomach, but save an hour before eating, then take a walk or exercise, play whatever you like, in any case. Readers When I went to Singapore, my weight was 85kg, 5 feet 10 inches high.

Today, I weigh 72kg, I have continued all this in 40 years to the ban. Praise be to Allaah. No 90% of my old friends suffer from some kind of illness and have been under the influence of medicine. Can’t take 2 hours for yourself.

A woman and her personal trainer running in a park

Even though many cannot sleep without sleeping pills, many suffer from heart and kidney diseases, if you were to start today, one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening and the diet chart above. Follow up, as well as stay away from fast food, pizza and cold drinks, etc. However, use homemade juice every season. (I have kept myself away from all these things to date) then you will start to feel the difference in life and gradually the need for medicines will start to decrease and you will move on to a healthier life. shall be.