Fate of the country will be decided on Sunday by the Prime Minister.

Addressing to nation PM Imran Khan said that independence is a sign of a free nation. Today is a crucial time for Pakistan.

PM asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

He said that this was my position for 25 years. When I came to power, I decided that foreign policy would be free. Foreign policy would be for Pakistanis. Its purpose was not to support anyone. I know India, US and UK very well.

I played a lot of cricket in India. Politicians in the US are my friends while I spent my early life in the UK he said.

During Pervez Musharraf era, all the politicians including me were briefed in which it was said that if we do not go to war against terrorism then America will send us to the Stone Age but even then I had stated against this war. Sacrifice your people?

The whole jihad was fought in the tribal areas in the 1980s, while we were told that there was a foreign occupation in Afghanistan for which we wanted to save them. After losing the war, the United States imposed sanctions on us he said.

Pakistanis made many sacrifices during this period. Other no country has made so many sacrifices during this period. Tribal areas were the most peaceful areas in Pakistan where crime was not committed. ۔

Our own people started fighting against Pakistan thinking it was jihad. Old jihadists also turned against Pakistan. Nine Pakistanis were not included in 9/11. We were told that Pakistan could not win in Afghanistan because of Pakistan’s duplicitous policy. Drone attacks on madrassa children in Bajaur in which 80 children were martyred Drone strikes on weddings in other areas were also carried out.

When I said that this war was not ours, people used to call us Taliban Khan. I marched to Waziristan. People from outside, including the United States, supported my march he said.

Our governments sided with America which is why they used to attack us. When I got the government, I said on the first day that Pakistan’s policy will be in the interest of the people and this policy will be free.
Me policy is not against anyone including India.