Economy goes down, won’t the neutrals suffer?

Addressing a webinar on Regime Change by the Islamabad Policy Institute, Imran Khan said that there was a debate going on at the moment as to what had happened to this country Economic Survey, the economy was improving in our era. The agriculture industry was improving in other areas.

Imran Khan said that there was a time when our government was removed under an external conspiracy. We were told that our government was not capable of controlling inflation. Inflation is paying off in case of load shedding. Who is responsible?

Everyone is afraid that our economy is heading towards the situation in Sri Lanka. If that happened then the biggest problem would be for national security. Military security is on one side. Economic security is as important as the thieves imposed on us he said.
The US wants to get bases in Pakistan and use them to its advantage.

What is the interest of those who have been imposed on us in Pakistan Those who run away from corruption want to come back with NRO. Regime change is only for Pakistan. Today we are being enslaved. We are being imposed on those who have no interest in Pakistan. As for Pakistan, it has no future.