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Eat pinus gerardianato protect against colds.


Nov 17, 2021 ,

Winter has started in the country. The season of eating dried fruits has started. Chilgoza used to be available for Rs. But now alhamdulillah chilgoza has come up to Rs. 3,500 and INSHA ALLAH it will be cheaper
Everyone must have eaten them once in a lifetime, even if they ate less.

pinus gerardiana contain omega fatty acids, vitamin ACE B3B complex iron, magnesium and manganese which make it beneficial. Expensive pinus gerardiana Cheap benefits. Because it contains omega-3 fatty acids that help you lose weight fast and meet your body’s needs and keep you healthy.


Vitamin A in pinus gerardiana makes your skin beautiful and radiant while Vitamin C and E help to enhance the beauty of hair. Chilgoze is extremely beneficial for skin.

American thermatologists say that all the medicines used in the cold to dry skin and strengthen the hair include the extract from the peel of the gooseberry which makes them expensive but when they are useful. If so, the skin begins to clear naturally.

Blood cancer

pinus gerardiana can be eaten in winter as well as in summer. People who have blood cancer or have a disease of excessive bleeding and blood clots, whether they are women or men, should eat pinus gerardiana daily The present vitamin prevents the blood from clotting and clotting but also facilitates easy blood circulation throughout the body.


Give up the habit of eating fried items or burgers and other fast foods in a light appetite and eat one or two pinus gerardiana a day. If you want to eat more, eat more skins. Nixon is very useful in helping to eliminate excess appetite and provide strength to the body.

Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Uses Cinnamon Oil If you have regular facials every month or men go to the salon for cleansing, it is best to start applying Cinnamon Oil on the skin and hair. Additional facial scars will also be removed. And she will soon be young.

Kidney bladder

Medicines help you to maintain the strength of the kidneys, bladder and liver, but daily use of pinus gerardiana is very beneficial. If you do not want to chew and eat, then drink its country shake. Makes it easier to excrete. Digestive and gastrointestinal problems are solved in pinus gerardiana but never eat more than 14 pinus gerardiana in a day as it is very greasy.

Vision brain

pinus gerardiana help you sharpen your eyesight and brain so be sure to feed your kids pinus gerardiana as much as possible. Include pinus gerardiana in your daily diet are a treasure trove of health and wellness.


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