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Corona cell Dr Nasim in charge of PIMMS the largest public hospital in Islamabad described himself as being isolated


Mar 25, 2020

Speaking to the media program, Corona cell Dr Naseem, in charge, said that you should choose an air-conditioned room to keep yourself in isolation.

According to Dr Naseem, twice a day, the patient’s temperature should be checked and try not to use the suspect’s kitchen and utensils.

He said that most of Corona’s patients do not need any medication; Corona’s patients do not take any medication by themselves.

The person in charge said that the person who has mild fever and has no symptoms of corona should use paracetamol etc. periodically, if there is no fever in two to three days, visit the hospital.

He said all preparations have been made at Pimms Hospital in view of the Corona virus, everything is available in the hospital, nothing is lacking, and in January, preparations were made to construct an isolation ward containing 10 beds. There is a 30-bed isolation ward, but more space is allocated when needed.

According to Dr Naseem, there are currently 3 ventilators and 7 more are coming, after which the hospital’s total capacity will be 10 ventilators.


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