The no-confidence motion ended and the opposition’s bubble burst interior Minister.

Talking to media, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said that our members are complete and no one is leaving the government.

He said that Friday bazaar politics will end. Opposition has died its political death. Distrust has ended. The long march of March 23 is not visible.

After yesterday’s economic relief Imran Khan has become stronger. Prime Minister Imran Khan has given a big package for the poor. The no-confidence motion has come to a standstill. Nothing is happening. Sheikh Rashid further said that the Prime Minister has one hundred and twenty percent hand behind the Chief Minister of Punjab.


Prime Minister Imran Khan’s address to the nation.

Addressing the nation, Prime Minister Imran Khan appealed to the people that if you want an independent foreign policy, noway bounce for a party whose leader’s wealth lies abroad. Similar people can noway formulate an independent foreign policy.

Imran Khan said that the situation in the world is changing fleetly and the goods of the changing situation are also affecting Pakistan. Foreign policy should be for the interests of his country since the morning of politics.

An independent nation means a policy that’s in the interest of the nation. Pak had nothing to do with the US war on terror. We shouldn’t have joined the US war on terror he said. It wasn’t for the benefit of Pakistanis who lost their lives. The opprobrious thing was that a country is fighting for a country and it’s being bombed.

PM said that the military tyrants want the world to fete and fete them but unexpectedly only 10 drone strikes took place during Musharraf period while 400 drone strikes took place during the popular period of Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif. Should have said that children and women are dying American intelligencer wrote that Zardari said that it doesn’t count if innocent people die by drone strikes.

Giving good news to the nation the Prime Minister said that they’re also making electricity cheaper byRs. 5 per unit and giving relief to the nation in this sector by reducing the subvention from other places.

Until the coming budget petrol diesel and electricity prices won’t increase but will gradationally drop.
He said that moment I’m giving good news to the nation that rather of adding the price, I’m publicizing reduction in petrol and diesel prices by Rs 10 per liter.

Im hysterical that the price of canvas in the world request won’t come down and the price of gas will go up. At the same time, the wheat we’ve to buy from Russia has come more precious he said.

Diesel Petrol prices are still low in Pakistan. If the government doesn’t give subvention the price of petrol in Pakistan moment would be Rs 220 per liter.


Karachi Amir Liaquat Separated Tuba Anwar and got third Marriage for time.

Aamir Liaquat has parted ways with Tuba Anwar and is now Marriage for the third time.

Only Jamal Siddiqui, Member Provincial Assembly from PTI attended the marriage ceremony. Jamal Siddiqui is an MPA along with Amir Liaquat.

Dr. Amir Liaqat shared a photo on social media with his third wife on Instagram in which she is sitting as a bride and he is looking at her. With this photo he wrote that last night we tied the knot.

His third wife 18-year-old Dania Shah belongs to the Sadat family of Lodhran She is a Seraiki.

I appeal to all my loved ones to pray for us. I came out of the darkness. It was a wrong turn.


Tuba Anwar separated from Amir Liaquat.

In her message on Twitter, Tobia Anwar wrote With a heavy heart I want to inform everyone about a change in my life that my family and close friends are aware of. After 14 months of separation it is clear. There was no room for reconciliation and reconciliation, so I had to decide to go to court for khula.

I can’t say how difficult this period was for me, but I believe in Allah and His decisions. I appeal to all of you to respect my decision in this difficult time she said.


United beat Karachi Kings by 42 runs.

In the 14th match of PSL Seven played at Karachi National Stadium IU defeated Karachi Kings by 42 runs.

Isb captain Shadab Khan once again bowled brilliantly and bowled 4 wickets.

Given had IU a target of 178 runs to Karachi Kings to win.

For Islamabad Paul Sterling scored 39 and captain Shadab Khan 34. Colin Monroe scored 33 while Azam Khan scored 16.

Chris Jordan took 2 wickets for Karachi Kings. Emad Wasim, Ameed Asif, Usman Shinwari and Mohammad Nabi took 1.1 wickets each.

Won the toss Shadab Khan elected to bat.

Fast bowler Chris Jordan has made two changes to the Karachi Kings squad, while Imran Jr. and Amir Yameen have been replaced by Chris Jordan and Usman Shinwari.


Apple’s iPhone SE3 will be introduced on March 8.


Report Bloomberg states that Apple may also introduce the iPad Air and Mac Mini along with the iPhone SE3 at the March 8 event.
Apple has blazoned that iOS15.4 will be introduced in March, which is presently available in beta.

New operating system will also allow you to unlock the device with a face mask.
According to Lex, the iPhone SE3 is anticipated to have a4.7- inch display with 5G support, which will also have a Touch ID point.

Inside the phone will be Apple’s own important A15 processor, which is also part of the iPhone 13 series.

Addition in 4 GB RAM and 128 to 256 GB storehouse options may be available.

back of the phone will have a single camera equipped with a 12-megapixel detector while the device will have a battery of 1820 mAh with 15 watts presto charging support.

The iPhone SE is anticipated to be priced at 300 300 to over Pakistani rupees, making it the cheapest phone in the company’s history.
The current model of the iPhone SE is presently priced at 39 399, but the company is developing its coming generation model primarily with India in mind, which is likely to keep the price low so that Xiaomi and Real Me Like brands can be beaten.


Asif Zardari expresses confidence in PML-N leadership.

PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari while talking to media on his return from Shahbaz Sharif’s residence said that thanks to Mian Sahib he invited us with open heart.

Asked journalist Asif Ali Zardari if he had confidence in PML-N

Which on Asif Ali Zardari nodded in a positive manner and signaled confidence.

Opposition Leader National Assembly Shahbaz Sharif hosted a luncheon in honor of the PPP leadership.

Former President Asif Ali Zardari along with his son Bilawal Bhutto reached Model Town to meet the League leadership where they were received by Shahbaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz and Hamza Shahbaz.

Shahbaz Sharif had invited former President Asif Ali Zardari for a meeting.

In this important meeting, the leadership of both the parties discussed the political situation in the country and the anti-government march.