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Corona virus takes over airlines business

WASHINGTON: Due to the Corona virus, many countries are facing heavy costs because of the closure of many countries.
According to details, after the outbreak of Corona virus from China around the world, different countries have banned flights from and from their country, which has led to the airlines business. With the closing of the borders of most countries, airlines are facing heavy costs, while it is now difficult for large foreign airlines to afford operational costs.
The airlines, on the other hand, are attracting employees to take annual leave to reduce costs. Airlines will not withdraw education, accommodation, medical and staff travel without pay leave.
According to reports, British Airways and Ryanair have canceled 432 flights announcing a cut in flights between the third and fourth week of March. Including flights to London and New York, France, Italy, Germany and elsewhere.
Ryanair, one of Europe’s largest airlines, is also declining flights to Italy between March 17 and April 8.

It should be noted that the Corona virus, which has spread from China, has now spread around the world, killing approximately 3100 people.


Recommended reduction of petroleum products prices by up to Rs

Islamabad: OGRA recommends reduction of petroleum products prices by Rs 7 to the finance ministry
According to details, good news has come to the public in the period of inflation. I recommend a reduction of Rs 7 to 23 paise per liter.

Sources say the price of petrol is likely to drop by Rs 5 to 89 paise per liter, while the price of high-speed diesel is likely to drop by Rs 7 to 23 paise. At present, the OGRA has sent a summary, but the finance ministry will take a decision soon on the reduction in prices, while the prices will apply from March 1.


Petrol became cheaper by Rs 5 per liter

Islamabad: The government has approved petrol and high-speed diesel at Rs 5 a liter.
According to GNN, the finance ministry has approved a summary sent by OGRA to reduce the prices of petroleum products. After approval, the price of petrol has been reduced by Rs 5 per liter, diesel price by Rs 5, light diesel oil by Rs 7 and kerosene by Rs 7 per liter. The new price of petrol will be Rs 111.60, high speed diesel Rs 122, light speed diesel Rs 77 and kerosene Rs 92 per liter. The new pricing will apply from 12pm tonight.

It may be recalled that OGRA had sent a summary to the Petroleum Division for reduction of petroleum products prices, which recommended that the price of petroleum products be reduced by 7 paise 23 paise from 1st March.


Pakistan Stock Exchange is also affected by the impact

KARACHI: The impact of the cracks has also engulfed the Pakistan stock market. The market lost a psychological threshold of 40 thousand, losing more than a thousand points.
On the first day of trading on the Pakistan Stock Exchange, the bearish trend was today, the index was at 40229 at the beginning of trading today and the index lost more than 400 points in the opening hour, bringing the index below 40,000 level. The 100 index was down 1105 points to 39,143 at the end of trading. Market capitalization has reduced by Rs 130 billion due to lower share prices.
According to economists, the spread of the Corona virus is affecting the global economy, which is affecting Pakistan’s stock exchange as well. 27 points down.


Petrol likely to be cheaper by Rs 10 per liter next month

LAHORE: Petroleum products are expected to fall by about Rs 10 per liter next month, following a historic decline in global oil prices.
According to sources, crude oil in the Brent oil market is $ 58 to 45 cents and in the crude oil market is $ 53 to 44 cents a barrel.

In the global market, crude oil prices fell by 17 dollars a barrel over the past two months, which is expected to reduce petroleum products prices by Rs 10 per liter next month.


Gold per pound rose to the sky after a slight increase

KARACHI: The bullion market recorded a rise of $ 7 an ounce in gold, causing prices to rise in local currency markets.

Gold was trading at $ 1617 an ounce after trading up $ 7 in the international market.

According to Mohammad Arshad, chairman of the All Pakistan Jewelers Association, the rise in prices in the bullion market has led to the rise in prices of gold per pound and ten grams in local exchange markets.

At the local currency markets, gold price rose by Rs. 180 to Rs.

In all the exchange markets of Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Multan, Faisalabad, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Quetta, gold was bought and sold at a new rate.

Interbank Situation

On Friday, February 20, the US dollar closed at 153 rupees 23 paise after the dollar lost three paise in interbank value.

Stock exchange

In addition, the Pakistan Stock Exchange was experiencing a downward trend and the business ended negatively.


The Secret of Health Hidden in Turmeric

Turmeric foods have numerous natural benefits, along with making them delicious. This is why turmeric is used daily in ordinary household dishes, which is yellow in color and belongs to the ginger family. And it is as sharp as spices.
Turmeric should be used fresh, dried and powdered.

The natural benefits of turmeric are numerous

Haldi awakens Hassan and makes four moons
Turmeric and turmeric creams contain a large amount of turmeric.
Turmeric is resistant to cancer.
Turmeric is very useful for breast cancer.
Therefore, young girls and women should continue to use turmeric foods frequently to prevent breast cancer.

There is no seminal alteration in joint pains and liver inflammation.
The potassium it contains controls the heart and blood pressure, and the iron contained in it increases the red blood cells.
Also useful for people with anemia, in addition to removing anemia, they make the blood clear.
And protects mental weakness from blood pressure and many diseases.
In the case of itching, mixing in mustard oil makes it a comfort to eat.
Drinking cold turmeric in a warm milk helps ease the pain of nasal colds, joints and sore throat.

Eating turmeric in yogurt in jargon is more beneficial.
In case of injury, a turmeric leap is made to rest on the injury
Turmeric relieves gastric acidity by relieving constipation.
Soothes the brain.

It is a fact that inflammation and irritation are the root cause of many diseases, and in new research scientists have found that turmeric has a single factor that can eradicate infection.

According to modern research, this element is called curcumin. Experts say that turmeric should be used in capsules to relieve irritation, but it is important to take special care while doing so.

According to the latest research, if you want to use turmeric to relieve irritation, you should use 500 to 1,000 mg of curcumin daily. To measure this amount you need to take about 200 mg of curcumin in a tablespoon of pure turmeric.

However, this varies greatly depending on the region and type of turmeric production.
One of the best ways to use turmeric is to put it in your daily routine in various ways.
In addition, you should drink water by filling it in capsules or by rubbing a pinch of turmeric in your mouth or by adding a pinch to semi-warm milk while sleeping at night.

Use turmeric in milk with no more than a pinch of water, because the impression of turmeric is sharp and warm and in food you can use half a teaspoon of turmeric in it.


Gold prices rise

KARACHI: The bullion market recorded a rise of $ 7 an ounce in gold, causing prices to rise in local exchange markets.

According to details, the gold price during the trading on the international market rose by $ 7 to reach $ 1588 an ounce.

According to Mohammad Arshad, chairman of the All Pakistan Jewelers Association, the increase in the global market was followed by an increase of Rs 400 and Rs 343 per gram of gold and 10 grams of gold in local exchange markets.

After the recent rise, the price of gold in the local exchange markets rose to Rs 91,230 and 10 grams to Rs 78,215.

Today’s February 18, 2020

Price per tow: – / 91,230

Ten grams Price: – / 78,215

In all the exchange markets of Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Multan, Faisalabad, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Quetta, gold was bought and sold at a new rate.


Great news for pensioners, now there will be a lot of convenience at home

Islamabad: Employees Old Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) has updated the data of all pensioners online.

Consumer data has been made online by EOBI, after which all pensioners can go to the department’s website to get information on pension and home information regarding their pension amount.

Zulfi Bukhari, the Prime Minister’s Special Assistant for Overseas Pakistan, praised the EOBI’s move, saying that “past governments destroyed all institutions in the cycle of corruption”.


Rs 106 billion increase in tax collection

Islamabad: Tax payments have increased by 15% this year, FBR has collected Rs 796 billion as compared to last year’s Rs 690 billion.

According to the details, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) collected 796 billion tax after 15% increase in tax collection.

The FBR has collected Rs 796 billion as compared to Rs 690 billion since July last year.

The FBR’s Large Taxpayer Unit (LTU) collected Rs 108 billion this year alone in January, compared to Rs 92 billion last year.

According to the report, in the manufacturing sector, income tax and tax have been repaid over Rs 31 billion in the last seven months compared to Rs 22 billion last year.

This year, the refund rate is 42% higher than the previous fiscal year. In the month of January this year, Rs 2.7 billion was recovered as compared to Rs 2.5 billion last year.

Further cases of taxpayers have been reported to the FBR, which is under investigation.