Beijing chinese medical experts have revealed that the corona virus can spread again

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According to media reports, the first case of Corona was reported in Wuhan city in December last year, after the virus spread worldwide, which has affected more than 17 million people so far and hundreds have been known.

Experts say the Corona virus infected 2.2 to 2.7 people, which is very alarming, but if the outbreak raises again, it will spread very rapidly.

Wuhan’s medical experts have revealed that if Corona’s epidemic again raises its head in China, it will spread three times faster than before, and on average every sixth person will be affected.

Research experts have revealed in the report that until the vaccine is ready, the risk of Crohn’s recurrence will remain at 82 percent, in the meantime, only people have to be careful and use a diet that strengthens the immune system.

US experts, on the other hand, have expressed concern that the Corona virus could spread again, threatening to infect everyone.

Experts say the symptoms of the Corona virus can appear in four to five days, but if it does spread again, it will appear within a few hours, which is very dangerous.

It should be remembered that reports of Karuna cases in Wuhan city of China have ended, after which the government ended the city’s lockdown and now lives are restored to normalcy.