Actor Tanveer Jamal has died in Japan.

Actor Tanveer Jamal was suffering from cancer and had recently moved to Japan for treatment. Actor Tanveer Jamal had various doctors in Japan check up, but the doctors said this after examining the famous Pakistani actor He had replied that if Tanveer Jamal underwent surgery, his health could be further endangered.

He has left behind a Japanese wife and three children. Tanveer Jamal has been prominent in Pakistan for the past 35 years with his brilliant acting. Is gone

Tanveer Jamal made his name by directing and producing the first action-packed mega drama serial Godfather in a private production while this drama serial was recorded in Pakistan and Japan.

He also showed the essence of best acting in dozens of well-known drama serials while Pamper will not be coming now and the soon to be released film is directed and produced by Japan Connection.

He was diagnosed with cancer for the first time in 2016 but recovered after treatment but a few months ago he was diagnosed with cancer again and was diagnosed with cancer which affected his health.

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