A tried-and-tested cure for colds, coughs, and all-out phlegm with a cup of Clonji tea.

clear glass cup with tea near brown ceramic teapot

The arrival of cold weather has started, along with it, the epidemic of cold, cough and fever is on the rise, along with dengue virus corona virus is also going on in the country, every second person is suffering from cold, cough and fever, doctors’ clinics are full of patients, people are suffering from seasonal cold and cough. If you use home remedies along with medical medicine, it can get rid of diseases like fibrous mucus.

Fiber and phlegm is a disease that makes a person’s life difficult. Most people complain of phlegm in colds and coughs. This situation is very painful. Because of this, the brain and vision are weak, that’s why today I am telling you a proven remedy for elimination of fiber and phlegm.

Thanks to this recipe, you will get rid of phlegm, cough, cold, hoarseness and phlegm stuck in the throat forever. Take a glass of water and a spoonful of kalonji. The way to make this effective recipe for eliminating fiber and phlegm is to take a small vessel. Now add one glass of plain water to the vessel. Now you add a small spoon of kalonji to it. Kalonji is the best treatment for many diseases.

Its effectiveness is warming. It is very useful for colds, coughs and phlegm diseases. Now you mix these two ingredients and put this pot on the stove for five to seven minutes on medium heat and cook it. After seven minutes, you Cover the lid and cook on low heat for about three minutes.

After that, Kalonji tea will be ready, now you can put it in a cup and drink it. This is the best recipe to get rid of fiber and phlegm.

This Kalonji tea can be used by men, women, boys and girls. By drinking it, your fiber and phlegm will completely disappear. Do not let young children use this recipe. Only adults should use it. It will completely disappear. Sometimes there is a complaint of mucus sticking in the throat, that complaint will also disappear completely, God willing.

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