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Mistakes made when cleaning mobile TVs and computer screens that can damage them

There is no denying the importance of the screen in the present age. The screen has made us all intoxicated. The first sight of a person eating, drinking, sleeping and waking up is on the screen. The screen is damaged by dirty hands. The same is true of TV and computer screens, which look like ordinary glass – but are not really like glass, but most people clean it like ordinary glass. They make mistakes in cleaning it which also causes damage to these items.

1: Wipe the screen with a stiff cloth

Some people use different types of sponges to clean the screen, which are used to clean the surface dust – but these items are not suitable for screen cleaning because they are used. Scratches on delicate screens that can also ruin the screen, while cleaning the screen with a soft cloth is much more useful.

2: Use of common cleaning solution

The solution that people use to clean their glasses usually contains ammonia or acetone which can be very dangerous for cleaning the screen – so use any kind of solution while cleaning the screen. Do not and if the grease stains are not being cleaned, then there are special solutions for cleaning the screen which can be used with soft cloths.

3: Surf spray

In the past, people used to spray water on the screens of old televisions. It was better because these televisions had a layer of glass on them – but now there are no such screens. Spraying on them can cause water to seep in, which can be dangerous – so be careful not to do this.

4: With wet tissue paper

Most people use wet or wet tissue paper to clean the screen. It contains perfume as well as alcohol which can damage the screen – so its use should be avoided as well. Tissue paper dissolves which can stick to the surface of the screen and damage it.

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