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ISLAMABAD: The Bureau of Statistics has released a weekly report on the rise in food prices.

According to the details, weekly inflation figures were released by the Bureau of Statistics, which said that the inflation rate increased by zero point 81 percent in one week.

The overall inflation rate has once again crossed the 9% level, with chicken, bananas, eggs, sugar and wheat flour becoming more expensive this week.

According to the statistics agency, prices of cooking oil, spices, ghee, electricity and soap have gone up. Chicken meat has gone up by Rs. 17, eggs by Rs. 6 per dozen, wheat by Rs. 24 per 20 kg bag of flour and sugar by Rs. I increased by Rs.

In one week this week, 2.5 kg of ghee became more expensive by Rs.

According to the data, prices of 6 items declined during the week, tomatoes became cheaper by Rs 7 and potatoes by Rs 1 per kg, while domestic cylinders of LPG, garlic and jaggery declined marginally. Happened

According to the statistics agency, prices of 21 items stabilized during the week.

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