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Ahmad Shah Abdali

The Mujahid who saved the Muslims of the subcontinent from the Marhats
Ahmad Shah Abdali is affectionately remembered by the Afghan people as Ahmad Shah Baba and with the same devotion pays homage to the tomb of the great Afghan ruler who founded the Afghan Empire in Kandahar in the eighteenth century AD and only In a quarter of a century, its borders extended from the Amu Darya to the Indus and from Tibet to Khorasan, it passed away at the age of nine.
Ahmad Shah Abdali was born in 5 AD.
He belonged to the Saduzai branch of the Popalzai family of the Abdali tribe of Afghanistan. His father Sardar Zaman Khan resisted the Iranian occupation of Herat but failed and the Iranians occupied Herat.
After this, Sardar Zaman Khan’s brother Zulfiqar Khan revolted against the Iranians but he did not succeed and in 6 AD the Iranian occupation of Herat was completed. Sardar Zaman Khan’s son Ahmad Khan enlisted in the army of the Iranian ruler Nadir Shah and due to his God-given abilities he rose from the rank of a soldier to the position of a general at the age of only twenty-three but was captured by the Qizilbash When Nadir Shah was assassinated, Ahmad Khan returned home with other Afghan soldiers. Founded the Afghan Empire in Kandahar, received the title of Ahmad Shah, and received the title of Durrani (Pearl of Pearls) for which he was called Durrani. Ahmad Shah Abdali died in 9 AD, but in the course of constant battles and military campaigns, he expanded his empire from the Amu Darya to the Indus and from Tibet to Khorasan, including Kashmir, Peshawar, Multan, Sindh, Balochistan, Iran, Khorasan, Herat, Kandahar, Kabul and Balkh areas were included. Ahmad Shah Abdali invaded India nine times and at one stage captured Lahore and Sirhind and annexed them to his empire but his biggest battle was the third battle of Panipat in which he defeated the fanatics of South India. Stopped the growing invasion of the Marhats and the region of northern India which today has the honor of being called Pakistan.
Always reserved the names of Muslims. This was the period when the Mughal Empire was in decline. On the one hand, overseas trade companies, including the British and French East India companies topped the list. Had started pushing. On the other hand, the extremist Hindus of South India, the Marhats, were anxious to capture Delhi. On the other hand, the Sikhs in the Punjab had begun to assert their power and sovereignty, and it was in this atmosphere that the Iranian ruler Nadir Shah invaded Delhi, brick by brick, and carried out the massacre. Unable to provide an example. At that time, Hazrat Shah Waliullah Mohaddess Dehlavi was aware of the scholarly and religious leadership of the Muslims of South Asia. Considering the invasion of Hindu Marhats towards Delhi as the greatest threat to the Muslims of northern India, he found the Mughal Empire helpless against it and appealed to Ahmad Shah Abdali for help. He considered it the biggest threat and had invaded Peshawar in the year 2000 in a campaign to liberate Punjab from Afghans. Against this backdrop, this emerging force of the Afghans could have been the greatest support to the Muslims of northern India in the world of causes. Therefore, at the invitation of Hazrat Shah Waliullah Dehlavi Ahmad Shah Abdali invaded India in 3 AD to fight the Marhats and after inflicting a historic defeat on the Marhats in the field of Panipat, the government of Delhi once again ruled over the Mughal emperor Muhammad. He surrendered to the Shah and returned to his homeland.

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