Karachi: Great success for the government of Pakistan on the economic front.

According to details, Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Zaidi said in a statement on social networking site Twitter that the major achievement of Imran Khan’s government was a 28-point improvement in Pakistan’s Border Trading Index and Pakistan rose from 136 to 108 in the 2020 list. The economy is moving in the right direction.

It may be recalled that the World Bank released its annual report on Ease of Doing Business in which the implementation of various measures under the Trading Facility Agreement resulted in a 28-point improvement in Pakistan’s trading cross-border index.

According to the annual report on Ease of Doing Business, Pakistan’s ranking improved from 136 to 108. In November 2020, Pakistan’s World Trade Organization’s TFA implementation rate reached ninety-nine percent. Which was only thirty-four percent in June two thousand and eighteen.