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Very interesting history of pigeons

Pigeons have the ability to recognize themselves in a mirror.
Pigeons remember their way home from remote areas.

Pigeons can easily see smoother surfaces in 3D than humans.
Pigeons have the ability to distinguish and recognize different pigeons
Pigeons can imagine different images for a long time.

Pigeons can learn complex responses and configurations.
Humans’ ability to hear pigeons
Faster than They can hear sounds at a much lower frequency than humans.
The pigeon is the only bird that does not have to raise its head to swallow water.
Five thousand years ago, the Greek nation started using pigeons for messaging.
The endurance of pigeons to fly at a speed of one hundred kilometers per day is fifteen hundred to seventeen hundred kilometers.
During World War II, pilots would take pigeons with them so that they could use the pigeon as a messenger to help them if they got stuck in their plane, that is, if they survived the crash or survived the crash. That’s how many pilots saved their lives.

Even today, pigeons are used by French, Swiss, Israeli, Swedish and Chinese troops for military purposes.
There are many similarities between pigeons and doves.
Pigeons can easily see up to twenty-six miles away.
A pigeon perched on top of a mountain can hear the sound of the wind from hundreds of miles away.
At the beginning of the nineteenth century, one of the most famous was the flight from Africa, which was released from Africa and reached the United Kingdom fifty-five days later. This pigeon traveled seven thousand miles (about eleven and a half thousand kilometers) in fifty-five days.
The average length of a typical pigeon from beak to tail is thirteen inches.
There are about ten thousand adult pigeons.
The average age of pigeons is thirty years.
The pigeon can shake ten times a second and its heart beats six hundred times a minute.
Apart from Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism also consider it a reward to sow pigeons.
When it is time to eat and if there are many pigeons, male or female pigeons feed any baby they find.
Whether they have their own child or not.
The most expensive pigeon to date has sold for لاکھ 225,000.
There are five major pigeon races around the world with millions of dollars in gambling.

During World War I, a pigeon named Ami (Dear Friend) crossed the enemy’s borders and delivered a message, saving the lives of many French soldiers.
The pigeon was shot in the chest and leg, and a large amount of flesh came off the leg with which the message was tied. But he still flew for 25 minutes, avoiding toxic gases and delivering the message. This pigeon was awarded the Distinguished Award.