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US warns in South China Sea, China warns.


Jan 24, 2022 ,

Taipei, the US Department of Defense has said that Taiwan has reported the intrusion of Chinese aeroplanes over the upper part of the raceway.

The Pentagon says two US Navy carrier strike groups, led by its flagship USS Carl Vinson and USS Abraham Lincoln. began their exercises in the South China Sea on Sunday. Has blazoned
He added that carrier groups would conduct exercises to test combat readiness, includinganti-submarine combat operations, air combat operations and nonmilitary exercises.

Strike Group Commander Anderson said similar exercises help us make our combat capabilities and keep our abettors and mates satisfied with indigenous stability.
According to a chart handed by Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense, Taiwan reported the entry of 13 further Chinese aeroplanes into the home history.

On the other hand, China has not yet reflected on the situation. Still, according to security sources, China’s breakouts in Taiwan’s defense zone may be a response to foreign military exertion, to advise that Beijing is watching and that it has the capability to deal with any exigency situation with Taiwan.
Taiwan has constantly called China’s military exertion a” argentine zone” war.

Remember, the South China Sea, which is the main shipping lane, has gas fields and fishing grounds.
In addition, the Taiwanese government claims the passage, while Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines also claim it.


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