The pillow will replace Mahesh Hayat, the Prime Minister.

Actress Mahesh Hayat, who has the honor of Mugha Imtiaz, used to express her intention to enter politics
He said that if a cricketer can become the Prime Minister then why not an actress.
A video clip of Mahesh participating in the TV program ‘Ek Din Geo Ke Saath’ is a social media propaganda in which the host Sohail Warraich is asking the actress about entering politics.
To this question, Mahesh said, “Insha’Allah.”
The host further inquired whether he would do parliamentary politics or party politics which the actress said was intended to improve the country, now it comes from parliamentary politics or party politics, only time will tell.
Mahosh was asked, “Are you influenced by Imran Khan’s politics or opposition politics?” ‘
In reply, he said that he was impressed by the politics of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) because they have brought a lot of changes and at the same time have come up with a new way of thinking. Imran Khan used to be a cricketer, so when a cricketer can become the Prime Minister, why not an actress?
“Well, do you intend to challenge Imran Khan?” Asked Sohail Warraich. Mahosh replied, “I am not challenging, but if someone wants to take Jakron’s place, then I can also be a candidate for the PM’s job.”
Apart from Mahesh Hayat, actress Meera has also decided to join PTI and said that she will soon announce this in a press conference along with party leaders.

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