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Take care of sodium drinking water maximum


Mar 22, 2020

According to medical researchers, the brain tells a human that his body needs water.

Similarly, a hormone in the brain sends a message to our kidneys to save water for their specific task.

Water is two-thirds of our total body weight. Water plays an important role in expelling the waste and spoilage from the body.

According to medical science, chemical changes within the human body are not possible without water.

Humans exhale water through sweat, urine and breath and eliminate water deficiency when they are thirsty, but most people ask how many glasses of water should a healthy person drink throughout the day?

We have heard that drinking eight glasses of water daily is essential, and likewise some people insist on drinking more and more water, but scientists say this is not true.

According to medical researchers, drinking eight glasses of water daily does not harm the body, but drinking excessive water can cause some harm.

Experts say that ignoring excessive body demand and drinking excess water makes us sodium deficient.

Sodium is very important to our body and its deficiency can cause inflammation in the brain and lungs.

Experts in medical science and reputable research say it has not been proven that we should drink more water. Drink water only when feeling thirsty.

Similarly, drinking more water to maintain the skin’s healing and good health has also been considered by some scientists after research.


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