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Pakistan’s smallest atomic bomb Hatf 9 Proud of Pakistan.

Nasar Missle

The smallest weapon of the Pak army is Hatf 9 which will carry the world’s smallest atomic bomb with it and will blow up India in a few minutes. Hatf is the name of a sword of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Hatf The series is the real basis of Pakistan’s nuclear missiles.

Hatf Nine 9 ie Nasr Missile HATF 9 Cold Start Doctrine vs Pakistan’s Nasr Missile will prove to be Shamsheer Haidari InshaAllah

India’s death Hatf 9 Nasr missiles When the sword of Hazrat Ali (as) was on the necks of the polytheists, with a single blow of his sword, the heads of the polytheists were severed.

And the length of his sword was one yard. Whenever the Hatf 9 Nasr missile had to be fired at the east, it would turn hundreds of thousands and millions of polytheists into a heap of ashes after a flight of 40 to 65 kilometers. Is the smallest missile that can carry the world’s smallest atomic bomb. In fact, India has been preparing to attack Pakistan for three decades.

For this attack, India has developed a special attack strategy which they call the Cold Start Doctrine. India has spent about 90 90 billion on this strategy and in addition 900,000 soldiers have been given special training. India’s strategy includes thousands of state-of-the-art tanks and as many advanced aircraft. And more sophisticated war machinery has been procured by India which cannot be less than a threat to Pakistan. India had installed all this machinery at a distance of 70 km from the Pakistani border.

The second reason for installing it at 70 km so that it could strike at any time in a very short period of time was that no atomic bomb of Pakistan could destroy it as there is no such thing as a short range atomic bomb. There was a great danger for it if it was not destroyed
So Pakistan may have to pay a heavy price.

Pakistan does not have enough resources to compete with our weapons even 10% of India’s doctrine but Pakistan is built in the name of Islam. Allah has bestowed His special grace on this country. Pakistan produced a masterpiece named Nasr.

Nasr is the smallest missile in the world and has a range of 40 to 70 km. This single missile has invalidated the entire Doctrine of India. This missile can destroy the entire Cold Start Doctrine of India in just 5 minutes.

Because the atomic bomb used in it is so small that it can be launched even with a cannon. It takes a huge amount of uranium to run an atomic bomb, but Pakistani scientists have built the world’s smallest nuclear reactor. Surprised Nasr missile shattered the pride of India’s cold start. Praise be to Allah.
Now, in order to avoid Nasr, India will have to keep the Cold Start at least 100 km behind the border of Pakistan. If this situation is even slightly advanced in the war, Nasr will be hit by Nasr. It works like a conventional bomb. But its destruction is far greater than conventional bombs.

If India is attacked through the Cold Start Doctrine, then Pakistan will have no option but to run it
If Modi is fully aware of the Nasr missile, the rest of the world will never make the mistake of attacking Pakistan. The biggest feature of the Nasr missile is that it is so small that it can fit in F16 and JF-17. When our planes enter India with these missiles, they will come back only after erasing the map of India, God willing.

India does not have any nuclear missile that can fit in any aircraft. Nasr can fly from a height of less than 1 km, so India will not be able to deactivate it, God willing. Nasr is Pakistan’s victory and Pakistan’s pride. Is. India does not have the victory of Nasr and only Nasr will prove to be the death of the whole of India, God willing

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