National anthem of Pakistan

It took seven years for our national anthem to be prepared. It was first broadcast on Radio Pakistan on August 13, 1954.
On January 14, 1948, Radio Pakistan Wale Z. A. Bukhari also suggested that Surah Al-Fatiha be declared the national anthem.
In those days, AR Ghani, a Muslim businessman based in South Africa, offered a reward of 5,000 rupees for writing and composing the national anthem of Pakistan.
On June 2, 1948, the Government of Pakistan accepted the offer. At a meeting chaired by the Minister of Communications, Sardar Abdul Rabb Nishtar, on 14 July 1949, two committees were formed to review the melodies and poems presented for the national anthem. And it was agreed that the traditions of the Muslim nation should be taken care of in song language and music.
On August 21, 1949, the melody composed by the eminent musician Ahmed Ghulam Ali Chagla was approved for the anthem. It was recorded on Radio Pakistan by Bahram Rustam Ji on his piano. It lasted 80 seconds and used 21 instruments.
When the Shah of Iran visited Pakistan on March 1, 1950, for the first time an official Pakistan Navy band led by Warrant Officer Abdul Ghafoor played the national anthem at Karachi Airport, but the Central Cabinet of Pakistan formally approved the tune on January 2, 1954. Gave to
Its creator Mr. Ahmad Ali Chagla could not see this day. He died on February 5, 1953, eleven months ago.

His wife Qamar Nissa Chagla and son Abdul Khaliq Chagla gave all the rights to the anthem to the government of Pakistan.
His gramophone records were sent to all the important poets of the country to write songs on approved tunes. It was also broadcast on the radio every night so that poets could speak and write about it.
The National Anthem Committee received a total of 723 anthems. The committee liked the songs written by Hafeez Jalandhari Hakeem Ahmed Shuja and ZA Bukhari the most. Z. A. Bukhari asked Hafeez Sahib to compose a hymn by combining the two, but Hafeez flatly refused. Finally, on August 4, 1954, the Union Cabinet approved the anthem of Mr. Hafeez Jalandhari as the national anthem of Pakistan.

Begum Khurshid Hafeez said that Hafeez Jalandhari left everything for three months and kept on tearing the paper in the room. Eventually this national anthem of Pakistan came into being.
The national anthem is in Mukhmas. It was recorded in the voices of prominent singers Shamim Bano Kokab Jahan Rashida Begum Najam R. Naseem Shaheen Ahmed Rushdie Zawar Hussain Akhtar Abbas Ghulam Dastgir Anwar Zaheer and Akhtar Wasi Ali. It takes one minute and twenty seconds to play the whole national anthem.
On August 13, 1954, the national anthem was first broadcast on Radio Pakistan.
On August 4, 1955, the government of Pakistan bought the rights to the words of the anthem from Hafeez Jalandhari.

I am sure that on this post the worn strap object will definitely be repeated that the national anthem is then in Persian.
So listen
These words appear in the national anthem
Zuljalal Shadow of God Welcome Jan Haal Shaan Past Spokesperson Kamal Tarqi Rahbar Hilal Sitara Parcham Murad Manzil Shad Tabanda Payenda Sultanate Malik Qaum Awam Nizam Sarzamin Pak Qut Yaqeen Markaz Arz Shan Nishan To Ka Hussain Kishore

See which of these words is not in Urdu dictionary
The fact is that all these are now Urdu words and even an Urdu newspaper or magazine with the name of each of them comes out. The grammar in the anthem is only to the extent of “wind”. And this is the national slogan we have understood and accepted for years before the establishment of Pakistan in the Muslim League Zinda Bad Pakistan Zinda Bad.

It is true that the Iranians would consider it a Persian poem instead of Ka, but why not consider it a masterpiece of Hafeez that he wrote this song using the common vocabulary of both languages. After all, Persian (perhaps centuries) has been prevalent in this region.
If you remove Persian words from the Urdu words of Iqbal and Faiz, what percentage of words will be left. 1948 Establishment of National Anthem Committee (NAC) in which National Anthem was composed. At the beginning of NAC, under the chairmanship of Information Secretary Sheikh Muhammad Ikram, its members included several politicians, poets and musicians including Abdul Rab Nishtar Ahmed. Ji Chagla and Hafeez Jalandhari included. No record of digitized anthems Anthem Pakistan First national anthem Jagannath Azad wrote at the request of Quaid-e-Azam. This claim is an unsubstantiated self-contradiction. It has never been officially adopted as the national anthem. Thank God

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