Maya Ali’s heartfelt letter to her late father at her brother’s wedding

LAHORE: The brother of a prominent Pakistani actress was recently married in which Maya Ali was discharged on vacation.

Usually the sisters cry during the holiday of the girl is understandable, but there is also a very important reason for Maya Ali’s brother to cry at the wedding which he himself described.

The actress shared an emotional note she shared with her father, sharing photos made on vacation on her social media account. The images contained tears in Maya’s eyes and she was sad.

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The actress wrote in her emotional message addressed to her father, “Marriage is an occasion when everyone is happy to be together but Baba was not present. I saw you everywhere but to embrace you They were not there. ‘

Maya wrote, “All around you were people, I searched for you a lot, may Allah grant you a higher place in paradise”.

It may be recalled that a few days ago, the wedding ceremony of Maya Ali’s brother Afan Qureshi had begun whose photos have gone viral on social media platforms. Maya Ali also shared photos of her brother’s wedding, Mehndi and Villema on her Instagram account in which she looked very happy.