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Issues new travel advisory for travelers coming from overseas


Apr 13, 2020

The guidelines imply that it is mandatory for the airline to inform the passenger that he / she has to stay in the official quarantine upon arriving in Pakistan or to be quarantined by paying at a place itself.

Aircraft crews will also have the option of being quarantined in public or elsewhere. The airline and airport staff must be informed of official or other quarantine 24 hours before the flight landing.

Passengers arriving from abroad will be quarantined for 7 days and government buses will be quarantined from the airport.

No loved ones or relatives will meet at Quarantina and at the airport. Passenger and crew arriving on international flight will have their first test at Quarantina.

On the sixth day in Quarantina, travelers will have a re-swab test. On the seventh day, positive test travelers and crews will be sent to the hospital while negative tests will be sent home.

Complete personal data of all passengers and crews leaving home after seven days will also be kept on record while the passenger or staff must self-isolate at home for 7 days even if the report is negative.


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