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ISLAMABAD The federal government has Eased the problem of small traders


Apr 27, 2020

According to details, a meeting of the Economic Co-ordination Committee was held under the chairmanship of Finance Advisor Abdul Hafeez Sheikh.
 A Rs 50 billion aid package for small businesses has been approved, the statement said.
Under the package, prepaid electricity will be available to SMEs.

According to the announcement, the Rs 50 billion package has been dubbed as a small business and industry support package. Will

The ECC statement said that the package would facilitate commercial consumers up to one lakh for 3 months and industrial consumers up to 4.5 lakh while businesses with 5 kg to 70 kW would not be billed for 3 months. Will be.

According to the announcement, the amount will be adjusted in the bills from the month of May. Schemes are being worked on for providing unsecured loans.

The ECC also approved a ارب 30 billion subsidy to prevent layoffs and provide employment and a ارب 3 billion supplementary grant for fencing on the Pak-Iran border.

Yesterday, Federal Minister for Industry Hamad Azhar had said in his message that the Ministry of Industry would present the first phase of the small business aid package tomorrow.

Hamada Azhar said that provision of easy loans in the second phase of the relief package is also under consideration. In the next phase, relief measures will be taken for the severely affected sectors from Corona.


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