Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan’s warning to the opposition

Talking to the youth on social media, PM Imran Khan said that these people were stealing together. They had given NRO to each other. Pervez Musharraf gave NRO to these two parties. I will not give RO.
They used NRO on FATF. Giving NRO to corrupt elements will harm the country.

The Prime Minister said that allegations of rigging in the elections do not bring evidence, we went to court in four constituencies, fraud was proved in all four constituencies, problems arise in the country due to corrupt government. He said that Fazlur Rehman has never come out of power since 1992. This is the first time that the assembly is running without diesel. The world is coming out against the corruption of the rulers. PPP and PML-N are not for national interest but for personal interest. Are together

The Prime Minister of Pakistan said that India is supporting ISIS. When the Americans left Afghanistan, they became armed groups. We were briefed that India wants to spread sectarianism in the country. The previous governments did not pay attention to Balochistan. The population of is equal to that of Faisalabad division. Development funds were distributed by tribal chiefs. He said that whatever government was formed in the federation, tribal chiefs would form alliances with them. We are paying full attention to the development of Balochistan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that PDM is trying to put pressure on the army and bring down the government. These people are telling the army to bring down the government and be satisfied.
Imran Khan said that two ministers of the present government were imprisoned for corruption and there were no corruption cases against them.

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