ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that our biggest asset is overseas Pakistanis.

According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan while addressing a function held at Nathia Gali said that overseas is an important asset of the Pakistani government and I can understand the plight of overseas Pakistanis. We have not benefited from overseas Pakistanis but we have to create facilities for them.

Look at the history of the world and see that the system that goes downhill begins to save itself he said.
The Prime Minister said that those who are attacking the government do not want the rule of law and the corrupt system does not lead to development in the country. They will be able to repay the loans but our government has become like it does not see it that way.

The Prime Minister further said that the need for overseas Pakistanis is that when they come to Pakistan, we should create facilities for them and create opportunities for them to invest their money when there are no facilities for overseas Pakistanis. They will invest outside.

He said that we have to focus on increasing exports and if exports increase then we will be able to repay the national debt. Overseas Pakistanis take plots here with their hard earned money but they are taken over by the mafia so we have to protect the overseas Pakistanis and provide a confident environment for them.

The Prime Minister said that people are getting up from Karachi and investing in Dubai. Malaysia has a population of 60 million and exports of 200 200 billion but this time Pakistan will export 30 30 billion.

He said that by increasing tourism we can increase the wealth of the country and if there are things to sell to the world then the country develops. Our government’s priority is to promote tourism in the country. Dubai has nothing but sand and desert but there are resorts.

PM Imran Khan
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