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Islamabad PM Imran khan formally launched the Sense Ration Portal


Apr 21, 2020

According to details, Assistant Specialist Dr. Sania Nishtar briefed Prime Minister Imran Khan regarding the Sense Ration Portal, saying that the ration portal would help the beneficiaries reach out to welfare organizations and NGOs.

Sanya Nishtar said during the briefing that the rationale portal was made keeping in mind the principles of the Policy Framework and that the portal could be ensured not to misuse system or information of beneficiaries.

The Assistant Special said that the mobile app will be released within 2 days for distribution of ration and assistance with the portal.

On the occasion, Prime Minister Imran Khan lauded the initiative of the implementation of the Emotion Ration Portal and said that the Pakistani nation has fought against every problem with persistence and perseverance.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan further said that the Emotion Ration Portal will play a role in distributing rations to reach the destitute.


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