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Islamabad Plasma collection of Patients will be started from Monday


Apr 10, 2020
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Speaking at a talk show, oncologist Dr. Tahir Shamshi said that plasma transfusion against corona virus was allowed and that we were given regular permission by Drip today.

Dr Tahir Shamsi said that the patients will start plasma collection from Monday.

Expert blood added that plasma transfusion is taking place in China, USA, Spain, Italy, Germany.

On the last day, the blood specialist Dr Tahir Shamsi said that our preparations were complete, that at present, 50 to 60 people across the country are capable of delivering plasma.

Expert doctor had said that after 2 weeks after coronatitis was negative, healthy people would be taken to the plasma. According to my report, 4 to 7 people are ready to deliver plasma. , The whole effort will be to save people’s lives through the capital.

He said that the condition of the patients starts to improve within 48 hours of plasma. Nature will improve within 4-5 days of plasma. Plasma is also applied in other countries of the world. Only the plasma will be removed by the machine and blood will return to the body. Before taking it, it is important for healthy people to have no other disease.


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