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ISLAMABAD: Leading American magazine has acknowledged Pakistan’s prudent policies to keep the economy stable during the corona crisis.

Pakistan Economic Grow

The federal government has taken decisions like Smart Lockdown, Money Lockdown and Micro Lockdown to keep the economy afloat even during the worst of the Corona virus, so as not to affect public employment and deal with the epidemic.

The steps taken by Pakistan during the epidemic situation have also been praised by the American magazine Forbes. The American magazine said that the efforts made to combat the epidemic and the success of the IMF program show the possibility of 4% increase in GDP happens.

Keep in mind that Pakistan’s current GDP is 3.94.

Forbes Magazine reported that at a time when countries like the United States and India were having difficulty dealing with the corona virus, Pakistan was able to revive its economy.

The American magazine said that up to 2.21 shares were traded on the Pakistan Stock Exchange last week, which is the highest buying and selling of the stock market in history.

The citing Governor State Bank of Pakistan Baqir raza the magazine said that Pakistan’s GDP grew exponentially due to flexible fiscal and monetary policies. The SBP also provided a relief package of an immediate reduction of 625 points in the policy rate, which was 5% of the total GDP.

To said raza baqir due to prudent fiscal and monetary policies of the government, the debt has not increased in terms of GDP while the inflation rate is likely to remain at 7-9%.

According to the American magazine, the government managed to turn the current account deficit of 19 19 billion into a surplus of 900 million and the foreign exchange reserves have also increased from ڈالر 2.7 billion to 16 16 billion.

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