ISLAMABAD Further reduction in prices of petroleum products has been announced from 1May

retro gas station, retro car, man pumping gas

Abdul Hafeez Sheikh said that cheaper petroleum products will reduce the cost of travel and energy. It is good news that the prices of petroleum products will be further reduced from May 1.

He said that the budget for the next financial year will be presented in the first week of June which will be a crore budget. Three months electricity bills will be waived for small traders.

The finance adviser said that the government was providing money to 12 million families and would help 4 million people who lost their jobs due to Karuna. Along with Karuna, the economy was also among the top priorities.

“The country’s economy was moving in the right direction before the coronavirus. Our rupee had stabilized, but the epidemic hit our economy. The lockdown has led to a significant drop in economic activity and the global economy has shrunk our exports,” he said. Much less