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Eat potato chips twice a week in COVID 19


Apr 30, 2020
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Potato is an evergreen vegetable that is an important part of our daily diet and most people are unaware of its advantages and disadvantages.

The global epidemic of corona virus has gripped the entire world. In this regard, lockdown has been implemented in many countries due to which people are locked in their homes. In Belgium, people are being urged to lockdown. Be sure to eat potato chips at least twice a week.

In Belgium, people love to eat potato chips and chips can be seen on almost every street and street in all the cities of the country, while there are special stalls of chips in hotels and shopping malls.

Belgium sells 1.5 million tons of potatoes each year to about 100 countries around the world, including European countries, but this time it is not possible due to border closures and trade closures.

In Belgium, people love to eat potato chips not only with ketchup but also with mayonnaise, and Belgium is one of the largest potato-producing countries, but due to the lockdown imposed by the corona virus, there are millions. Tons of potatoes are in danger of spoiling.

According to the BBC, due to the ban on the movement of vehicles and the paralysis of business life, due to the fear of spoiling millions of tons of potatoes due to the closure of shipments to other countries, traders and farmers have advised people that They should eat chips at least twice a week during the lockdown.


Patients with diabetes should take special care in eating potatoes and its products, especially chips, finger chips, etc.
Potatoes are not useful in joint pain caused by gout and gout, so such patients should not eat potatoes.

It is safer to use it with hot spices.
A man should not eat more than two hundred and fifty grams of potatoes in a day. Peeled potatoes lose less vitamins than peeled potatoes.


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