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Corona Virus, Saudi Arabia Announces Daily Curfew for 21 Days


Mar 23, 2020

Riyadh: Khalid al-Herman al-Sharifin Shah Salman bin Abdul Aziz has issued a daily curfew in Saudi Arabia for 21 days in connection with the prevention of the Corona virus.
According to the Saudi Press Agency, Khadim-ul-Herman al-Sharifin Shah Salman bin Abdul-Aziz al-Saud issued a decree yesterday to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.
In Saudi Arabia, the curfew will be in effect from Monday 23rd to April 12th for 21 days from 7pm to 6pm. The Saudi Ministry of Health on Sunday confirmed 119 new corona virus cases, where the total number of cases was 511. After that, Saudi Arabia announced the implementation of a daily curfew.

The royal order urges Saudi citizens and immigrants to stay in their homes during the coming period, especially during the curfew period, to protect the public health of the people of this country and its land. The ones that matter are the most important and they must do their duty while staying in their homes so that they themselves and their country are protected from the spread of the outbreak. The Interior Ministry will take necessary steps to implement the curfew, and all civil and military officials have been ordered to cooperate fully, the statement said.

Key public and private sector employees are exempted from the curfew in protecting against the Corona virus, including security, military and media employees, workers in the health and services sectors, for which the Ministry of Interior is concerned. Will issue statement according to car and control. The interior ministry statement also said that during the curfew movement, vehicles involving security, military and medical personnel, government administration services and industries will be allowed. Delivery through smart device applications during curfew Services will be allowed for food and other essential goods and services.

 It should be noted that around 14,000 people have died due to corona virus worldwide while over 3 million have been affected by the outbreak. Italy has the highest number of deaths from Corona virus in the world, where about five and a half thousand deaths have been confirmed, more than in China, where the outbreak began.


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