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Charter of corruption

Muhammad mohsin, Irrelevant Parliament The irrelevant government is not irrelevant except Imran Khan and some of his ministers. There is no head-to-head with the opposition. Opposition is sitting on the sidelines of the occasion to prevent the government from being held accountable in crisis and chaos. The judiciary should be rescued from the NAB. If … Read more

Our system is fair

Mohammad Mohsin   Who freed Shahbaz Sharif? The court Who freed Mary Safdar? The court Who gave bail to Nawaz Sharif for 8 weeks? The court  Who will remove Nawaz Sharif from ECL? The court Who will abolish the terms of the Government Adamanty Bond? The court Who is converting billions of bail bonds into … Read more

Imran Khan’s overbearing speech

Muhammad Mohsin   The arrest of Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah is expected after the arrest of Khurshid Shah in Sindh and then the arrest of government ministers is also expected after a series of ongoing arrests. Obviously, unrestricted accountability is for everyone, and it should be. If this process of accountability had been completed … Read more

Pakistan will become Kashmir

Muhammad Mohsin   The issue came after 50 years on the Kashmir Security Council Advisory Meeting, which would support Pakistan’s position not to declare Kashmir as an indoor issue in which China and Russia supported Pakistan on the diplomatic front on the diplomatic front. Has been a great success but it remains to be seen … Read more

The falling parliamentary system and Imran Khan

Muhammad mohsin The existing parliamentary system, which is falling by itself, is rapidly declining, and with each passing day, the system will collapse. The current parliamentary system is not falling apart, but the system itself is becoming a land degradation. Imran Khan has to save himself from this falling system. Asad Omar is not included … Read more


Mohammad Mohsin The country is going through a very critical phase right now, with the economic and political crisis now and the crisis is coming to an end after the crisis. The country’s elite bully, who is currently deprived of power and the third major political party in the country, is suffering from severe confusion … Read more