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Army Chief Wing Commander Noman Akram arrives at Shaheed’s house


Mar 15, 2020

ISLAMABAD: Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa called on Wing Commander Noman Akram Shaheed’s family and offered a fatal meal for the martyr’s death.

According to the Pakistan Army’s Public Relations ISPR, Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa visited the house of Wing Commander Nauman Akram Shaheed and met the family and offered a Fateha for the martyrdom of the Shaheed Wing Commander. He said that the better situation of peace and stability in the country is the sacrifice of the martyrs, proud of the sacrifices of the martyrs who will not go to waste. We are responsible for the sacrifices of the martyrs.

It is clear that wing commander Noman Akram was killed on March 11. According to the Pak Air Force, the wing 09 commander of the OC 09 squadron, Noman Akram, was flying the F-16 plane when he encountered a technical malfunction in the plane. The plane of the wing commander crashed near Shakrapari and he was martyred.


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