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America CIA report.

The 11-day Israeli army continued its atrocities against the Palestinian people. The israel had the full support of the US government. The report of the US intelligence agency C I A caused a stir in the US houses. According to the report

  1. Russia threatens the United States
    2- China openly coming forward
    3- Iran’s attack on Israel from Syria and Lebanon
    4- Pakistan and Turkish Air Forces red alert on air bases in Iraq and Jordan.
    The report said that the red alert of Pakistan and Turkish Air Forces was of great importance.
    US President Joe Biden briefed Netanyahu on the situation at an Israeli meeting. Netanyahu briefed his cabinet, military and intelligence, on the CIA report, and 11 days later, Israel declared a ceasefire with the Palestinian president.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s interview to CNN also played an important role. Due to which, it did not take long for the US intelligence agencies to understand the overall situation with the role of Pakistan and Turkey after Russia and China. That new leadership is emerging at the international level.
It became clear that by uniting, the oppressor could be stopped from oppression.
Surprisingly, no one confirmed or denied the Kuwaiti journalist’s revelation and the world’s media is as silent as a snake.
Only after the Kuwaiti journalist Zaid Hamid tweeted and Sabir Shakir mentioned it on his personal blog even though it was heartbreaking news.

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