Alongside yam, its leaves are additionally advantageous.

Yam is eaten affectionately in winter, this vegetable isn’t, truth be told, exceptionally advantageous for wellbeing, yet its leaves likewise contain otherworldly fixings.

Its leaves, known as kamut tops, are not just eatable when contrasted with the leaves of different vegetables, yet in addition have otherworldly advantages alongside being nutritious and solid.

These leaves are plentiful in different nutrients and can be added to dishes like spinach.

Yam leaves are a great wellspring of L-ascorbic acid, the cancer prevention agent thiamine riboflavin, folic corrosive, and niacin, and are higher in supplements and dietary fiber than other verdant green vegetables.
Helpful in bones

The vast majority accept that main calcium is required for sound bones, albeit yam leaves are low in calcium, they are valuable in advancing solid bones alongside vitamin K.

Nutrients assist with forestalling osteoporosis and bone misfortune by decreasing the gamble of bone cracks.

Valuable in diabetes

Kamot leaves assist with directing sugar levels by diminishing insulin opposition.

To this end it is the most ideal decision for diabetics to incorporate yam leaves in their day to day diet.

Valuable in eyes

Vitamin An is known as the eye-accommodating nutrient and is found in overflow in yam leaves.

This nutrient forestalls macular degeneration, which is the main source of visual deficiency. As indicated by research, the utilization of nutrient Pro zinc and copper can assist with diminishing the possibilities of macular degeneration by 25%.

Aside from this, it likewise helps in the treatment of dry eyes.

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